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Content Writing

What content do you expect to find when you arrive at this page? After all, it is a page about content writing right, so it must be good? You are probably looking at the grammar, the punctuation, and whether this is an articulate piece that would showcase your business, engage your audience and rank well in Google. If at this point you are still reading then we are doing something right.

Whether it’s website content, articles, native content or product descriptions what you say is essential for a number of reasons. It is striking a balance between the various factors that can be the tricky part.

Website content

If you are just going to talk to people about how great your business is, you may as well leave the page blank. People don’t want to know how great you are; they want to know if you have what they need. When an audience lands on your website or comes across one of your articles the key is to engage them. You need to ensure that your content answers their questions and adds value to them. If you tick these boxes, then you are on the right track.

But wait……your web developer is advising you that your content needs to be SEO friendly to help with your website being found in search engines like Google. Our expertise and experience mean that we have this covered. From your keywords to the headers and meta descriptions we know how to make your website content work harder for you.

Blog writing and posting

Then there’s a blog to consider. A blog is really important to ensure that your site is full of fresh content. By blogging regularly, you not only give Google more reasons to rank your site but there’s also an opportunity to position yourself as an authority in your field.

At Content Genie, we have written hundreds of articles, an extensive range of websites and all manner of other informative and articulate pieces from digital brochures to product descriptions for websites. Our content is designed to fulfill all of the requirements needed to ensure that your customers not only find you but that they also buy from you.

Build and optimise your blogs

Our blog creation service is worth finding out more about. Not only do we write the blogs but, if you have a WordPress site, we will also build your blog and ensure that it has the relevant meta title and meta descriptions as well as all the necessary image alt texts and other factors that will make it work hard for you!

In addition to these more popular services we also offer product descriptions, brochure content and much more. You just tell us what you need, and we will come up with the solution.

Content Marketing Strategy

If you need more than someone just to write content for you and don’t know where to start then leave it to us. We have worked with many clients to build and execute a content marketing strategy across their website and social media platforms. With Content Genie you are in safe hands!

Why not check out our portfolio of projects or contact us to find out more?